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Tarifa Sports Center is ideally located on the beach next to the road to Tarifa Island at only 5 minutes walking distance from the old town of Tarifa. Apart from the months July and August we teach just in front of the center. Due to the crowded beached in July and August all the kitesurf classes are concentrated on a few beaches just outside Tarifa.

Our own TSC Shuttle Service takes you to the kite instruction beach and after the kitesurf class we collect you again and bring you back to the center.

We offer qualified professional instructors in a fun and safe environment to learn to kite. Our Kitesurf classes are three hours per day (group and semi private) or you choose the amount of hours per day in a private class. Everything you need to learn to kite is included (all the material, wetsuit, instructor, insurance, etc. ) After your course you will receive your certificate which shows till which level you have completed the course. This certification is important as it is recognised world wide and you will need it should you wish to rent material with another school wherever in the world.



3 hours – 75,00 €

6 hours – 150,00 €

9 hours – 200,00 €

12 hours – 255,00 €

15 hours – 300,00 €


3 hours – 105,00 €

6 hours – 210,00 €

9 hours – 285,00 €


2 hours – 140,00 €

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The prices for the classes are per person. Wetsuit, material and insurance included.



Kitesurf lesson (3h)

  Borrow sports equipment during the rest of the day

Every Day

  Beginner & Intermediate

 Transfer to Kite Beach

More informations :  +34 660 668 725 | Email

All the necessary materials such as your wetsuit, harness, bar and board, kite, instructor, certification and IKO pass are included in the price. With us you don’t pay anything separately as we do not like that kind of surprises ourselves.

We teach kitesurf in Tarifa in English, Spanish, French, German and Dutch.

Generally speaking we recommend from the age of 10 but weight is more important than age. From about 35 kg children are welcome for a kite surf class. We suggest you have a look at the Tarifa Kitesurf Inclusive – Youth Edition which is part of the Tarifa Youth Program. It includes 2 hours of kitesurf classes per day and the unlimited use of sports equipment for the whole day for the children.

With a group of kite surfing you will get instruction with 3 other students. So you get a lesson with up to four people from a kitesurf instructor. Would you like to sign up with friends or family? That of course is possible too. For friends have a look at the Tarifa Kitesurf Inclusive or to sign up as a family look at the Tarifa Kitesurf Inclusive – Family Edition.

The day before the kitesurf class we send you a message. You will receive a message with a thumbs up when the predictions are favorable! If the wind forecast is not favourable you will receive a message with thumbs down. When you have booked a Tarifa Kitesurf Inclusive package, your kite surf class gets postponed to the next day but you are still very welcome to come and spend the day with us and borrow unlimited sports equipment such as surfboards, kayaks, SUP, etc. and it doesn’t cost you a euro more.

For sure! Just let us know what level you have reached and we take it from there. Of course you too will receive your certificate when the kite surf course is finished.

To tell you the exact amount of lessons you need take to safely learn to kite, is hard. It depends on different factors such as your talent for sports. But as an average we recommend 5 day classes of 3 hours in a group lesson or 3 days of 3 hours in a semi-private lesson.

What our clients say

It is a very professional team with lots of flexibility; ideal with little children. Their family package is very affordable.- Nuria
Days of unlimited fun in the water. That is what you may get if you go to TSC in Tarifa. We think the staff is extremely helpful and kind. Ideally located near the city center. So if you like to kayak, surf, windsurf, snorkel and or kite, go there.- Joe
Me and my two girls had a very good surf lesson with Cesar. They are all very kind and informative. The lesson was good with theory, practice, time in water and stretching. Located close to town.- Mikael
I stopped in here for a beginning surf lesson and ended up coming back almost every day due to the amazing staff! The staff are very friendly, welcoming and knowledgeable. The surf lesson was fun and made me feel very confident trying to surf on my own the other days thanks to the great teacher. I also went on a kayaking trip and did SUP for the first time. With every experience the staff was helpful and encouraging. It's also a great location right on the beach and next to town!- Morgan
We have been at a few places to go supping, and this one is (by far) the best. You pay a bit more (15 instead of 10 euro's) but the material is very good quality, you get free instructions and the people working there are very friendly and assisting. Speak fluent Dutch, German, English and Spanish. If you go supping, go to this place. When you face the water there is a great inside harbour on the left where there are no waves. If you feel more confident go straight into the ocean.- Smaatje


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