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Tarifa Sports Center is ideally located on the beach directly opposite the ideal place to learn to surf. If you have never surfed but you feel like trying it out in Tarifa, then you can book an introductory lesson.

We will tell you briefly about the basic principles of surfing after which we will go into the water to catch your first waves.

Practise makes perfect and therefore we also offer multi-day surf lessons in addition to our 2-hour introductory lesson. During this course, we will work with you for several days to tell you about surfing and, of course, you will learn in the water as much as possible.



2 hours – 50,00 €

4 hours – 100,00 €

6 hours – 135,00 €

8 hours – 170,00 €

10 hours – 205,00 €


2 hours – 70,00 €

4 hours – 140,00 €

6 hours – 190,00 €

8 hours – 240,00 €

10 hours – 280,00 €


2 hours – 140,00 €

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The prices for the classes are per person. Wetsuit, material and insurance included.



Surf lesson (2h)

  Borrow sports equipment during the rest of the day

Every Day

  Beginner & Intermediate

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Choose the number of days you can come. The more days you take a class, the faster you will learn, however more than 5 days of surf lesson is not necessary because you have already made a lot of progress and can go surfing independently. You do not have to take the multi-day classes in successive days. You can choose the days as you like. Do you want to continue surfing yourself in the waves after the surf class then we advise you to book the Tarifa Surf Inclusive? You can then still practise your surfing all day after your surf lesson (or you choose another activity from the more than 15 different sports and games we offer).

Every day there is a class from 10:00 to 12:00 and 12:00 to 14:00. Depending on the number of applications, it is sometimes also from 17:00 to 19:00. Pre-registration is necessary, because only a limited number of people can attend a surf lesson at a time.

A surf lesson stands or falls with the waves. If there are no waves it will be very difficult. If you have booked the Tarifa Surf Inclusive and the surf lesson is canceled due to “no waves” we will move it for free, but you can still use the material for the other activities during the day.

What our clients say

It is a very professional team with lots of flexibility; ideal with little children. Their family package is very affordable.- Nuria
Days of unlimited fun in the water. That is what you may get if you go to TSC in Tarifa. We think the staff is extremely helpful and kind. Ideally located near the city center. So if you like to kayak, surf, windsurf, snorkel and or kite, go there.- Joe
Me and my two girls had a very good surf lesson with Cesar. They are all very kind and informative. The lesson was good with theory, practice, time in water and stretching. Located close to town.- Mikael
I stopped in here for a beginning surf lesson and ended up coming back almost every day due to the amazing staff! The staff are very friendly, welcoming and knowledgeable. The surf lesson was fun and made me feel very confident trying to surf on my own the other days thanks to the great teacher. I also went on a kayaking trip and did SUP for the first time. With every experience the staff was helpful and encouraging. It's also a great location right on the beach and next to town!- Morgan
We have been at a few places to go supping, and this one is (by far) the best. You pay a bit more (15 instead of 10 euro's) but the material is very good quality, you get free instructions and the people working there are very friendly and assisting. Speak fluent Dutch, German, English and Spanish. If you go supping, go to this place. When you face the water there is a great inside harbour on the left where there are no waves. If you feel more confident go straight into the ocean.- Smaatje


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