The Youth Club of Tarifa.

The Tarifa Sports Center is proud to teach water sports to the Youth of Tarifa.


Tarifa is the Mecca of water sports, but it lacks a nautical sports club where young people can come together and practice sports with friends. In Tarifa there are water sports classes for the youth on offer, but they are usually organized only in the low season, as in high season it is economically more interesting to be dedicated only to the tourist.


There is a big positive input from the Public Administration but the financing of the Club is private. As in any non-profit club, the contribution of members is vital. The key is to keep the memberships as affordable as possible so that it is available to all young people who wish to join. Although this is our main objective, we ask the partners for flexibility and take into account that we are a young club that is in the growth and has to increase the amount of material required for everything to work from the possible way. Therefore, we will combine the operations of the Club with a commercial activity.


The members can participate in 3 water sports sessions per month. The days of the sessions will be agreed with the members. To depend as little as possible on the climatic conditions, various water sports such as surfing, kitesurfing, sailing, windsurfing, surfing, SUP, kayaking and snorkeling will be combined with beach sports such as beach tennis and hockey. The sessions are led by monitors along with volunteers. The goal is to do water sports together while having fun.


In the Sports Center the activities will be done in whole hours. That means that the members can borrow sports equipment for one hour, for example from 10 to 11, 11 to 12 hours, etc. After the time, they have to return the equipment and head for the activity board to pick up their pass and look for other available equipment that can be used (equipment that is not reserved for rentals, day or family passes, classes or excursions) during the next hour.


A one time registration of 30 euros, for insurance, pass, etc.
30 euros per member each month.
There is no minimum period that you have to be a member, every month you can decide again.

More informations : +34 660 668 725 | Email